The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District is an organization made up of two separate utilities: one for wastewater management and a considerably smaller one for stormwater management. Together, these utilities help to protect our water quality, guard against health and safety risks, and support our region’s economic vitality.

Our rates are comparable with other communities of our size and circumstance. Of every $1 our customers pay in Fiscal Year 2025:

  • 22.4 cents covers the day-to-day operation and maintenance of MSD’s seven wastewater treatment plants and 9,400 miles of sewers
  • 52.4 cents goes toward capital improvement projects
  • 25.2 cents goes to repay the debt we have incurred since FY 2004 to help finance MSD Project Clear

Revenues and Expenditures

The MSD’s charter requires that we adopt a balanced budget each year. By law, our expenses cannot exceed our revenues. We are also legally prohibited from funding stormwater projects with wastewater project dollars, and vice versa.

FY2025 Budgeted Revenue

Item Cost
Wastewater User Charges $516.3 million
Stormwater User Charges $7.4 million
Revenue Bonds $227.2 million
Taxes $49.5 million
Investment and Other Income $25.0 million
Use of Fund Balances $336.2 million
TOTAL REVENUE $1,161.60 million

FY2025 Budgeted Expenditures

MSD’s FY2025 Budget contains three parts:

Item Cost
Operating Budget $260.0 million
Capital Improvement & Replacement Program $606.30 million
Debt Service $295.3 million
TOTAL EXPENSES $1,161.60 million

Finance Committee Budget Presentations