This page contains premise balance report(s) for St. Louis City Tax Sale, St. Louis County Tax Sale, and St. Louis County Post Third Tax Sale.

The purpose is to provide potential buyers the opportunity to retrieve MSD premise balance information for those properties published in the Real Estate Property Tax Sale by St. Louis City and St. Louis County.

St. Louis City Tax Sales

St. Louis County Tax Sales

St. Louis County Post Third Tax Sales


1. Posting the listings on this page is MSD’s courtesy to the public and our list does not include full legal description of the properties and it is for information only. The account balances in the list are subject to change without notice. If you have any question, please call MSD Billing at 1-866-281-5737.

2. The day after each tax sale, the listing associated with the tax sale may be taken off from MSD Website.

3. St. Louis County Post Third Sale Offerings is held by the Collector of Revenue and is available for bid year-around. The St. Louis County Post Third Tax Sale Report may be updated monthly without notice.