Development Review

Development Review

All public or private sewerage and drainage works proposed to be constructed, altered or reconstructed by any person or corporation (public or private) within MSD boundaries requires review and approval by MSD. This includes any altering of any storm drainage channel, site drainage or flood plain.

All projects must be designed and constructed in accordance with the following documents.

  • MSD’s Rules, Regulations and Engineering Design Requirements for Sanitary Sewage and Stormwater Drainage Facilities
  • Standard Construction Specificiations for Sewers and Drainage Facilties

To initiate project review, please submit the following to MSD via our online Plan Review and Permitting website found here.

  • One set of plans prepared and sealed by an engineer registered in the State of Missouri
  • Completed online “Create an Application” process
  • Submittal fee of $450

If you have questions or need more information, please contact us at (314) 768-6272.

For answers to common questions about Development Review, please visit this page.