Best Management Practices (BMP) Toolbox

Stormwater BMP Toolbox

Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Toolbox

These resources will help you successfully navigate the technical and procedural path to post-construction stormwater BMPs design, installation, and maintenance.

The information below will take you to a more complete understanding of stormwater management from MSD’s perspective. Please note that this website is continually updated.

Our Goal – Good water quality is important. MSD’s goal is to lead efforts that balance water quality protection and Clean Water Act (CWA) compliance with economic growth through land development. Additional information on MSD’s efforts are available in the Phase II Stormwater Management Plan.

The Development Review Process – Site design plays a key role in implementing effective stormwater management. The oversight and approval of the site stormwater quality plan has two significant components: land use and engineering design. In St. Louis, MSD and municipalities work together to protect the region’s water quality by using post-construction BMPs.

BMP Design – Selecting the best post-construction stormwater BMP for your site requires understanding the performance criteria and BMP technology. MSD is developing tools to help and will publish them here as they become available.

BMP Construction – A good plan is only as effective as its implementation. MSD permitting and construction inspection processes are in place to ensure post-construction BMP performance.

BMP Maintenance – All post-construction stormwater BMPs require maintenance. MSD performs, inspects, and enforces maintenance of BMPs.

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