Looking Ahead

What’s Next for MSD?

In 2019, MSD achieved a number of positive milestones. Out of 113 applications received in FY19, we funded 98 grants totaling nearly $420,000. Coming up next, we’re updating our 2012 Disparity Study to incorporate more inclusive contractor goals, worksite inspectors, on-the-job training, internships, community partnerships, and other programs. This update will analyze MSD’s current diversity programs, practices, and results to measure inclusion and availability as well as to determine what advancements MSD has made regarding the workforce on our projects.

MSD Looking Ahead

For FY20, MSD anticipates increasing our grant funding to $520,000. Also known as rainscaping, our green infrastructure Small Grants Program will expand from the Mississippi River and River des Peres watersheds to include the entire District in FY20.

MSD also has plans for 123 new, ongoing, or continued wastewater project appropriations totaling $335.1 million. These projects are funded primarily from the Sanitary Replacement fund and represent $20.0 million in continued projects from the previous fiscal year, and $315.1 million in new and ongoing projects. In addition to operating the existing stormwater system, MSD Project Clear plans 30 stormwater design and construction projects in FY20, including continued projects from FY19, totaling $15.1 million.