Environmental Compliance

Industrial Customers

MSD has programs in place to help protect the environment from industrial wastewater discharges and  protect the wastewater collection system. These programs include:

  • Industrial Pretreatment Program
  • Special Discharge Program
  • Hauled Waste Program
  • Surcharge Program
  • Dental Offices Program

The programs are administered to ensure that all federal, state, and local standards are applied correctly. For more information, please contact (314) 436-8710.


1) Reduction Factor Form

2) Reduction Factor Form (fillable)

The reduction factor form can be completed in one of two ways:

  1. On paper:  Print the blank document, then write the answers on the paper.
  2. Interactively:  Right-click on the fillable form above, select “Save link as…” and save the pdf file.  Then open the file in a pdf reader to answer the questions directly in the pdf.

3) Non-Sewered Water Credit Brochure (How you can lower your sewer bill)

4) Illicit Stormwater Discharges Brochure (How does my business contribute to stormwater pollution?)