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What does MSD do?

We work to protect you. Your health, safety and water environment are super important to us. We also want to protect the environment and preserve it for many years to come.

MSD has two functions:

  • Wastewater – We collect “used” water (think: the water that goes down the drain when you shower, use the bathroom, or wash your hands), and then clean it up before returning it to the area’s waterways.
  • Stormwater – We operate and maintain public storm sewer systems, which carry stormwater and surface water runoff. We also help address pollution carried in or caused by stormwater runoff, which is rainfall that flows over paved surfaces, like your driveway. The next time it rains, watch where the water goes and think about its journey from your yard to the river or lake it will ultimately flow into.

Use the links in the sidebar to see how MSD works to protect you AND the environment. Have fun!