Approved Materials List

Approved List of Materials and Suppliers for Sewer Construction

The approved list of materials and suppliers for sewer construction has been compiled by the Construction Division of the Engineering Department. Additions and deletions are made continuously. In between updates of the online list, contractors pre-qualified with MSD will be notified in writing when a material or a supplier has been removed from the list. When a new material or supplier has been approved, a copy of the approval letter from MSD to the manufacturer or supplier may be used as evidence of acceptability.

The date at the top of the title page indicates when the online version of the approved list was last updated. The date that each category was last dated is indicated below.

If you have questions about this approved list, please contact (314) 768-2792.

Brick May 2008
Castings January 2017
Crushed Limestone & Screenings November 2016
Manhole Adjustment January 2012
Manhole Risers April 2014
Pipe Shear Band Coupling (Nut & Bolt Clamps) April 2014
Piping, Clay June 2006
Piping, Composite June 2000
Piping, Concrete August 2013
Piping, Polypropylene May 2018
Piping, PVC January 2022
Precast Concrete Stormwater Structures April 2018
Precast Manholes April 2018
Rubber Check Valves March 2014
Service Connection Taps March 2014