Participation in CIRP: Construction Contractors

Bid Opportunities

All Capital Improvement & Replacement Program (CIRP) project information can be viewed on the electronic planroom. You can access projects, bid summaries, and bid tabulations by clicking on the Electronic Plan Room link,

If you have questions about navigating the electronic plan room, please call (314) 768-6269.

Contractor Selection

  1. In July, the purchasing group requests that all previously prequalified construction contractors re-qualify. Existing and new contractors may also prequalify anytime during the year. The contractor may request pre-certification for any work category listed in the Questionnaire.
  2. The information submitted is reviewed by the Engineering Department. The contractor is informed of the areas in which they have been prequalified, whether they can bid on projects over $500,000, and whether or not they are limited to the successful completion of their first project before they are allowed to bid on another project due to lack of experience. Poor performance in the previous year can result in contractors being denied pre-qualification for one year. Please refer to the “Construction Contractor Pre-Qualification and Performance Review Procedures” document in the “Links and Resources” section below for additional information.
  3. MSD does not prequalify sub-contractors, only prime contractors. The selection of subcontractors is the responsibility of the prime contractor.
  4. Prequalified contractors receive a direct notice to contractors if any project is advertised for which they are prequalified. They may then obtain plans at MSD’s main office.
  5. Pre-qualified contractors may establish a joint-venture relationship for the purposes of submitting a bid on a specific project, provide that: The application must be received by the District at least two (2) business prior to the date of the bid opening to allow time for District review.
    • All parties to the joint venture have previously pre-qualified with MSD in the work category named in the bid documents.
    • The joint venture can show proof that they have reGIstered with the Office of the Secretary of the State of Missouri.
    • The completed Joint Venture Prequalification Application has been approved by the District.
  6.  Bids are submitted with the lowest responsive, responsible bidder being brought to the Board of Trustees for approval.


Small Contractor Program – Small, Minority, or Woman Contractors who are ready to expand their capabilities for performing CIRP work.

Joint Venture Prequalification Form This is required for joint ventures bidding on CIRP projects.

MSD FY2023 Construction CIRP Presentation for AGCSITE April 2022

Construction Contractor Prequalification and Performance Review Procedures

FY23 CIRP Presentation for AGC/SITE Expo


Need more information? The contact for construction contractors is (314) 768-6269.