Clean Water Fun Facts

The Facts

  • Did you know that the biggest source of pollution is actually you and me? We pollute our waterways when we pour used oil into storm drains, use too much salt in the winter on our sidewalks and driveways, excess use of fertilizer or pesticides in our lawns, or don’t dispose of food grease properly. That’s why it’s so important for us to learn how to prevent pollution and then teach our friends and family about it, too.
  • Water itself is the only substance that exists in liquid, gas and solid form. Cool, huh?
  • Water is a renewable source, meaning the same water you used to brush your teeth this morning could be the same water that was once frozen over during the Ice Age or that once rained down on Lewis and Clark during their expedition.
  • Your “water footprint” is the amount of water that you use in a day, and it varies from person to person based on many factors. Learn how to find your water footprint here. (Courtesy of Water Education Foundation)