Prequalification Information

  • Consultant Prequalification is required.
  • See Consultant Prequalification Questionnaire link.  Questions may be directed to Ashley Luster at (314) 768-6285 or
  • Consultant must maintain a fully functioning (fully staffed) office within the District’s boundaries, and it must be open and manned during normal company work hours and serve as a self-sufficient office for the company.
  • Consultant must have at least one engineer/architect/surveyor registered in the State of Missouri on staff to be responsible for and seal all work.
  • Consultant must be qualified and experienced in architecture, surveying, civil, or environmental engineering work, and may request prequalification in the following categories:  construction management, geotechnical services, sewer and channel design, sewer and process design, surveying, sewers, large facilities, small pump stations, natural channel restoration, and buildings.
  • Consultant information submitted is reviewed by the Engineering Department.  The consultant is notified of the areas in which they have been prequalified.
  • Poor past performance may result in the District rescinding or denying prequalification.
  • Prequalification of sub-consultants is not required.


Engineering Professional Services Prequalification:
Consultant Prequalification Questionnaire 2024