Rate Information

Rate Information

MSD issues a monthly bill to approximately 430,000 commercial and residential accounts.  The bill is comprised of a Wastewater User Charge (WW USER CHG).  The Wastewater User Charge includes a base charge and a volume charge based on either the amount of water used at an address or, if no water meter is in use, the number of rooms, baths, water closets, and showers in the building. Commercial properties are also billed a Compliance Charge based on the type of wastewater discharged to the public sewer system.

You will notice a change in the wastewater portion of your MSD bill effective on July 1 of each year.  The new rate will be reflected on the bill you receive in August. The changes are necessary to meet state and federal environmental regulations that govern the operation of our collection and treatment system. The increases are also necessary to meet the maintenance and repair of the sewer system.

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Choose from the links below to learn more about how the MSD bill is calculated.

Residential Customers With and Without Water Meters Rates for metered residential customers and residential customers without meters. 

Stormwater Property Taxes Information on stormwater property taxes

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Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program  Federally funded assistance program

Commercial / Industrial Customers

Unit of Measurement Rate
Base Charge $29.29/mo.
Metered Volume $5.55/hundred cubic feet (CCF)
Compliance Charge Tier 1: 0 Inspection / 0 Sample Point $5.85/mo.
Tier 2: 1 Inspection / 0 Sample Point $67.67/mo.
Tier 3: 1 Inspection / 1 Sample Point $144.98/mo.
Tier 4: 1 Inspection / 2 Sample Points $193.30/mo.
Tier 5: 1 Inspection / More than 2 Sample Points $241.63/mo.

Surcharges for Excess-Strength Sewage

Unit of Measurement Rate
Suspended solids over 300 mg/liter $329.43/ton
Biodegradable oxygen demand over 300 mg/liter $884.78/ton
Chemical oxygen demand over 600 mg/liter $442.40/ton

Note: These surcharges apply to sewage from commercial / industrial customers, which is heavily laden with pollutants above the normal domestic strength and requires extra wastewater treatment.