New Construction


In addition to removing excess rain water from the sewer system and repairing and maintaining the existing system, new construction is necessary to meet the wastewater needs of MSD’s service area. Project types are chosen based upon the topography, watershed, and wastewater needs of different areas of the service area, and may include new sewer lines to convey additional wastewater, above-ground storage tanks to store, or deep underground tunnels to both store and convey additional wastewater in times of high service demand.

MSD’s projects go through various stages. In the Planning phase, the preliminary study is first conducted to determine if a project can be identified. Next, the project goes through the Design phase which is where a plan and design for the entire project are fleshed out. The project is then put out for bid and once a bid is accepted, the project finally moves into the Construction phase where the project is built out.

Active Projects


  1. Park Drive Sanitary Relief (12163)
    • Through St. Charles Rock Rd and St. Vincent Community Center
  2. Bellefontaine #2 Sanitary Relief (12092) 
    • Under Coburg Lands Dr across from Gibson Elementary
  3. Carson Villa I/I Reduction (12112)
    • In Bel-Nor near Natural Bridge Rd and North Hanley Rd


  1. Canterbury & Roland Sanitary Relief (12110)
    • Through Lucas and Hunt Rd just north of Natural Bridge Rd
  2. White and Rosalie (11212)
    • North of the Post Office at Brentwood Blvd and Litzsinger Rd
  3. Harlem Baden Sanitary Relief Phase 4 (11797)
    • The City of St. Louis – St. Louis Avenue between Lucas & Hunt Road and Kienlen Avenue
  4. Brentwood and Red Bud CSO Elimination (12139)
    • The Cities of Clayton and Richmond Heights – North of Interstate 64 and East of Interstate 170
  5. Grand Glaize Trunk Sanitary Relief (12272)
    • The City of Ballwin – 600 and 800 blocks of Claymont Drive and 200 block of Geremma Drive
  6. Black Creek – Haddington Court Relief Sewers (11847)
    • City of Ladue – West of Interstate 170
  7. Geyer and Windsor Springs (12175)
    • Through Geyer Rd between I-44 and Big Bend Blvd.
  8. St. George Creek Sanitary Relief (12212)
    • In Affton – near Gravois Rd and Weber Rd.
  9. WW-2 & WW-3 Warson Woods Sanitary Relief (12302)
    • Through the Cities of Warson Woods, Ladue, Kirkwood, Rock Hill and Glendale