Maline Creek Storage Facility


Maline Creek is a small tributary that runs along the northern edge of the City of St. Louis and empties into the Mississippi River. The area is served by aging, combined sewer pipes that can become overwhelmed with stormwater during heavy rain events, causing combined sewer overflows (CSO) that can discharge untreated wastewater into Maline Creek.

Running 2,700 feet (approximately .5 miles) from Chain of Rocks Drive to Church Road, the 28-foot diameter tunnel will store excess stormwater and sewage during extreme wet weather. When the rain subsides, a pump station will transfer the stored wastewater to the Bissell Point Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment and discharge into the Mississippi River. Constructed 175 feet below the ground surface, the Maline Creek Storage Facility runs underneath Riverview Drive.

Maline Creek Storage Facility Fast Facts

Length:  2,700 feet (approximately .5 miles)
Construction Cost:  $82.8 million
Projected Completion Date:  Completed September 10, 2020