Hauled Waste

MSD offers the bi-state area an economical and effective option for the proper disposal of wastewater. We receive over 24 million gallons of hauled waste per year at our Bissell Point treatment plant.

This includes residential septic tank sludge, restaurant grease trap contents and car wash grit traps, as well as manufacturing process wastewater, landfill leachate, ground water remediation system effluent, and interceptors serving automotive maintenance shops.

Industrial wastewater is received from sources that have obtained written approval to discharge under the special discharge program. Wastewater received must be classified as non-hazardous waste and it must meet federal pretreatment standards, as applicable.

Haulers must submit an application and obtain MSD approval before being allowed to deliver hauled waste loads. The application process includes successful enrollment into MSD’s SmartPay Direct Payment Program.

Each hauled waste delivery must be accompanied by a MSD hauled waste receipt, which identifies the domestic or industrial wastewater source and the transporter. The disposal cost for each load discharged is invoiced monthly to haulers and is based on the total capacity of the delivery vehicle. For more information concerning the hauled waste program, please call us at (314) 436-8716.