Map Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide an expeditious way for authorized companies that do business with MSD on a regular basis to purchase and pick up prints of base maps and/or plans held on file by MSD. This policy will allow MSD to provide the necessary protection of sensitive areas within the St. Louis metropolitan area that could be subject to criminal acts based on available data concerning MSD’s sewer system.


I. MSD staff will approve representatives from engineering or construction firms to pick up prints/plans without a waiting period. Documentation of representatives’ employment in the form of a letter to MSD signed by the CEO/President of the company will be kept on file at MSD offices along with a picture identification of the approved representative(s). MSD will allow each company to have two approved representatives. Only these representatives on file and approved by MSD will have the ability to pick up plans/prints without a waiting period. It shall be the engineering or construction companies’ responsibility to inform MSD should an approved representative leave their employment. MSD still reserves the right to withhold plans/prints if they are in designated sensitive areas of MSD. The sensitive areas will be determined by MSD. Sensitive areas are defined to be areas that contain public or civic structures that must be protected due to its function or its public use.

II. Upon the approval of the Director, a procedure to fax a copy of identification along with documentation of employment sent at least one hour prior to pick-up of the maps/prints will be allowed in special cases only. The representative identified in the fax by picture will be the only person allowed to pick up the prints or layouts. This policy is subject to change by MSD based on the status of alert established by the Department of Homeland Security of the United States of America.