Storm Drain Marking

Storm Drain Marking

MSD’s Storm Drain Marking Project provides a visible reminder of the consequences of improper waste disposal in storm drains. The project focuses on storm drains because they are direct conduits that can carry pollution into area rivers and streams. MSD provides equipment that includes markers that read: “NO DUMPING, DRAINS TO STREAM” with MSD’s logo. MSD provides this service to help reduce the improper disposal of waste such as, motor oil, pesticides, street litter, yard debris and pet waste into area streams.

Why Storm Drain Marking?

Water pollution is not solely caused by large companies and industry. Our water resources are still at risk from another source of pollution called “nonpoint source” pollution. When it rains, stormwater runoff flows across the ground and pavement into the storm sewers. As stormwater runoff moves over the ground, it picks up and carries with it natural and manmade pollutants. These pollutants include excess fertilizers and herbicides used on lawns, oil, improperly disposed chemicals, improperly disposed yard waste, sediment from erosion, manure from livestock and pets, and trash. The polluted runoff flows through the storm sewer underground and is released untreated into local waterways.

Storm drain marking is a great way to address activities that contribute to nonpoint source pollution, such as dumping oil, antifreeze, excess herbicide, or yard waste into a storm drain, or throwing trash onto the street. Storm drain marking is one way to remind the public that storm sewers are for water and not trash.

If you would like to become involved to with the Storm Drain Marking Project, or if you would like more information, please e-mail or call (314) 577-0207.