The MSD Purchasing Division is responsible for the contracting of all supplies, materials, and services required by MSD. Through competitive bidding procedures, this function ensures a reliable and cost-effective source of supply for goods and services. If you are interested in becoming a Supplier, see our Suppliers page.

Purchasing Policy Statement

In accordance with current Charter, Ordinances and Resolutions adopted by the Board of Trustees, this policy establishes requirements for how supplies, materials, and all services, except those governed by State Statute, are to be procured. This policy also establishes who is to review, sign, and distribute various documents associated with the procurement process.

Purchasing Protest Procedure

In accordance with current Purchasing Policy, this procedure establishes the steps to be taken when a bidder protests an action taken by MSD.

Find answers to common questions about Purchasing on our Doing Business With Us FAQs page.