Materials & Resources

Materials & Resources

Good ideas from around the web to help teach your students about the value of water and stormwater management.

EnviroScape® Loan Program for Schools

MSD works to raise awareness of nonpoint source pollution (sometimes called “People Pollution”), watersheds, and stormwater management. The EnviroScape® is a visual, hands-on tool that demonstrates how water pollution results from everyday activities such as fertilizing the lawn, walking your dog, changing motor oil and littering. When it rains, pollutants are washed into stormdrains that flow to our streams, rivers, and lakes. From the EnviroScape®, students will learn how everyone in their communities can reduce nonpoint source pollution and have healthier watersheds.

Teachers can view a video about the EnviroScape® by clicking here.  For more information, e-mail or call (314) 577-0207

Mini Lesson Plans Around Clean Water Activities

  1. Nonpoint Source Pollution Activity – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency design this activity to demonstrate to students in grades 4-7 what an average storm drain collects during a rainfall event and how the water from storm drains can impact the water quality and aquatic environments of local streams, rivers, and bays.
  2. Global Water Supply Curriculum – Full elementary school global water supply curriculum, including lesson plans and classroom activities that cover a variety of subjects. (Courtesy of
  3. Water Lesson Plans – Educator-generated lesson plans on freshwater and freshwater organisms, water conservation, watersheds, water quality, and more for grades K-5. (Courtesy of Pennsylvania Statue University College of Agriculture Sciences)

Additional Resources