MSD Project Clear Responds to Damaged Sewer in Maplewood

MSD Project Clear (MSDPC) is working to repair a damaged sewer pipe in Maplewood. The damage was confirmed Thursday morning during an inspection by MSDPC crews. The pipe, which runs along Black Creek, detached from a manhole, allowing wastewater to seep out.

Responding MSD Project Clear crews were able to setup a containment area and have begun pumping around the damaged pipe. Focus is now shifting to cleaning up and disinfecting the affected area, and mobilizing contractors for a permanent repair.

Warning signs have been posted in the area, advising the public of the cleanup. While there is no immediate threat to public health or safety, everyone is asked to avoid direct contact with Black Creek and the segment of Deer Creek immediately downstream from Black Creek until everything is cleaned up and disinfected, and the warning signs have been removed. Anyone who comes in contact with wastewater should immediately and thoroughly wash with soap and water.

MSDPC has reported the incident to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.