Large Grants 2018-2019 Collage

Community Outreach

MSD spends a lot of time reaching out to and educating you about what it is we do.  MSD employees speak at public meetings, participate in community events and work with other private and public organizations on projects that are tied to the services we provide.

Community outreach is a responsibility of government entities like MSD.  We are entrusted with large sums of your money, and it is important that we show what we are doing with your money in a very transparent way.

While community outreach is a priority at MSD, we aren’t always sure if we’re doing it in the best and right way. One of the issues we struggle with is whether or not we’re having an impact. This is not easy to gauge. We speak to hundreds of groups each year, but do they have a better understanding of MSD?  Do those people go to neighbors and friends and share what they heard?

What do you think?  We would like to hear from you. Does community outreach help you understand what we do at MSD? What other ways can we use to educate our customers?