Storms and MSD

Last night, the St. Louis metro area was hit with storms that produced several inches of rain in a short amount of time. Our rain gauge data shows that several communities in the MSD service area received three inches of rain in about one hour.  

Rain events of this size will cause problems in any area. The amount of rain produced in such a short period of time overwhelmed MSD’s system. Many homes and streets were flooded.  

MSD crews have been working around the clock since last night to assist customers. We ask all customers with basement backups to call our 24 hour customer service center at (314) 768-6260. First, this allows us to look at each customer’s situation to see if we can help. Second, customer calls allow us to identify areas where we may want to check our sewer system.  

In some cases, customers may be eligible for reimbursement through MSD’s insurance program. MSD will reimburse up to $2,500 –with a $100 deductible–to cover some of the damages that occur during the basement backup. To be eligible for coverage, you must contact MSD at (314) 768-6260 within 30 days of the backup.  If your basement backup was caused by an overcharged or blocked sewer, our crews will record that information and forward it to MSD's insurance claim adjuster.  The adjuster will contact you to access your damages.  Just like any other insurance claim, be sure to document your damages by making lists, taking pictures, keeping receipts, etc.   

Unfortunately, MSD is not able to cover damages due to overland flooding.  For more information on how to obtain insurance for overland flooding please click here.  

For more information on basement backups, clean up tips and additional information, please click here.