MSD Project Clear Secures $22 Million in ARPA Funding

MSD Project Clear (MSDPC) is moving forward with plans to address five major wastewater and stormwater issues, after securing nearly $22 million in federal infrastructure funding. The announcement was made today by Governor Mike Parson and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. MSD Project Clear will get more than 5% of the $410 million set aside for water and wastewater infrastructure improvements in Missouri under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources reviewed more than 1,000 applications for funding, scoring each based on financial need, engineering capability, and project necessity. Five MSD Project Clear applications were approved, while three more were approved for potential future funding.

Applications Approved for Funding

  • Normandie Wastewater Relief Sewer project
  • Watkins Creek channel improvements
  • Maline & Dellwood Creek bank stabilization
  • Dellwood Creek & Ferguson Branch bank stabilization
  • Blackjack Creek bank stabilization

MSD Project Clear worked closely with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to identify the improvement projects most likely to be approved under the program’s scoring system. Four of the approved applications are for stormwater improvements that have no other funding source. One of those improvement projects was previously featured in a video series called Stormwater Stories.

MSD Project Clear has identified more than 500 stormwater problems in St. Louis and St. Louis County that cannot be addressed under the current stormwater funding structure. These are problems that will not get better with time or without a solution. MSD Project Clear is assessing possible stormwater funding solutions, which voters will have the chance to decide on in 2024.