Brentwood Forest, Fair Oaks, Middlesex I/I Reduction (12100)

Brentwood Forest, Fair Oaks, Middlesex I/I Reduction (12100)

As part of a long-term effort to reduce basement backups and sewer overflows, MSD Project Clear replacing approximately 1,237 feet of sewer and disconnecting sources where stormwater and groundwater enter the wastewater sewers (known as inflow and infiltration) from approximately 72 private properties.

Public Meeting - September 16, 2020

About the Project

Project Map

Why is this project being constructed?

MSD is investing $852,000 into this neighborhood with this project to alleviate basement backups and clean up our local waterways.

As part of their evaluation, our team of engineers discovered several places where stormwater was entering MSD’s wastewater sewer system, known as inflow and infiltration. When stormwater enters the wastewater sewers, the pipes can become overwhelmed, increasing the likelihood of backups in homes and businesses and overflows into local waterways. It also reduces the efficiency of the wastewater treatment plants, costing MSD and its customers more money to clean wastewater before returning it to the environment.

To fix this problem, MSD Project Clear is disconnecting sources of inflow and infiltration from 72 private properties. This will reduce the likelihood of basement backups in homes and businesses in this neighborhood.

How will it be built?

MSD’s contractor will put the pipe in by digging through the surface, a process known as “open-cut.”

How will this affect residents?

With any construction, residents can expect to see and hear heavy equipment during the sewer excavation process. The pictures above depict what a neighborhood will look like before, during, and after a typical project.

Because much of the construction takes place in the roadway, customers may experience lane restrictions during working hours. However, MSD will have a traffic mitigation plan to ensure residents have access to homes and businesses, and at least one lane of traffic will remain open at all times.

After the contractor installs all new pipes, they will restore the construction site according to all local and District requirements. This could include sodding disturbed areas, replacing disturbed pavement, reinstalling fences, etc.

At least one MSD Inspector will be on-site part of the day for every day the contractor is working.

When will construction take place?

This is the current tentative project schedule. This is subject to change based on a variety of factors including weather.

  • Estimated construction start: October 2020
  • Estimated construction completion: April 9, 2021

What will it look like when it's done?

After construction is completed, the contractor will restore any areas that were disturbed by construction to its previous or better condition. On Joseph Avenue, the contractor will replace the entire street in full. The project’s restoration will meet all requirements of the City of Brentwood.


This project will include digging trenches to lay pipe, a process called open-cut construction, in four locations: on Dorothy Ave., Joseph Ave., Helen Ave., Doulas Ct. and Eulalie Ave.. These sites are indicated in light blue on the map above.

Trees may need to be removed to construct parts of this project. Property owners with trees that will need to be removed that are not located in already existing easements will have been compensated for the removal through the easement acquisition process. If there are good options to avoid removing trees, MSD will make every attempt to do that.

After private stormwater is disconnected from the wastewater system, it will drain naturally across the surface via natural drainage.

During active construction, some property owners may experience driveway access restrictions for a short period of time. The contractor will notify property owners in advance of any temporary access restrictions to allow them time to move their vehicles. The contractor will also fill trenches with gravel or place steel plates over trenches during non-working hours so property owners can use their driveways during those times.

The construction timeframe will depend on the type of work taking place on each property, however, MSD anticipates all construction on private properties will be completed within 14 days. Some work required to repair and restore any disruptions on properties is weather or season dependent such as restoring concrete or asphalt or laying sod, which could extend construction time on certain properties.

Have any more questions? Contact the Project Manager.


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Mark Dietiker, Division Inspector