DeGiverville (11136)

DeGiverville (11136)

MSD Project Clear is building retaining walls around three manholes and replacing sections of pipe susceptible to chronic tree root intrusion in the Central West End Neighborhood, which will reduce basement backups and sewer overflows and ensure continued maintenance of the wastewater sewer system in this area.

Neighborhood Meeting - February 18, 2021

About the Project

Project Map

What work is MSD doing?

  • MSD will replace sections of seven sewer lateral pipes that are susceptible to tree root intrusion. This will reduce sewer blockages resulting in fewer basement backups and wastewater overflows.
  • MSD will build retaining walls around three manholes on the hillside along the Metrolink tracks. This will allow MSD to access these manholes to conduct routine maintenance.

Why is this project being constructed?

MSD Project Clear is investing $1.35 million into this neighborhood with this project to reduce basement backups and clean up our local waterways.

How will it be built?

MSD’s contractor will install the pipe by digging through the surface, in a process known as “open-cut”. The majority of the project will take place on the hillside along the Metrolink tracks; however, vehicles and other construction equipment will be situated in the alley behind DeGiverville between Kingsbury Ave. and DeBaliviere Ave.

How will this affect residents?

As with any major construction project, residents in this neighborhood can expect to see heavy construction equipment.

Because construction equipment will be set up in the alley behind DeGiverville, residents in this neighborhood should expect temporary access restrictions to garages and rear entrances. MSD’s contractor will notify residents prior to these restrictions so they can move their vehicles.

The contractor will also need to relocate trash, recycling, and yard waste dumpsters currently located in the alley. MSD’s contractor will work with the City of St. Louis to relocate those facilities and will notify residents of their temporary relocation site.

When will construction take place?

This is the current tentative project schedule. This is subject to change based on a variety of factors including weather.

  • Construction start: Spring 2021
  • Estimated construction completion: October 7, 2021

What will it look like when it's done?

After all new sewer pipes are installed, the contractor will restore the construction site according to all District and local requirements. This could include sodding any disturbed areas, replacing disturbed pavement, reinstalling fences, etc.


This section will be updated with questions as we receive them. Have any more questions? Contact the Project Manager.

MSD does not anticipate sewer service or other utility services being disrupted during this project. We will work with Missouri One Call to locate utilities before beginning construction. Occasionally, the contractor may run into utilities that were not located by Missouri One Call which could result in temporary utility disruptions. If this happens, MSD will work with the utility to restore service as quickly as possible.

Yes. MSD’s contractor will use the alley behind DeGiverville to access the construction area, and construction equipment will cause access restrictions to garages and rear property entrances. The contractor will notify residents prior to any access restrictions so they can move their vehicles. Access restrictions will be temporary and will change as the contractor progresses through construction.

Stay Informed

Tracy Rodgers, Construction Supervisor

Jeffrey Stroud, On-site Inspector