Geyer and Windsor Springs (12175)

Geyer Sanitary Relief and Windsor Springs P-521 Storage (Big Bend Blvd to Windsor Springs Dr) (12175) - COMPLETED

As part of a long-term effort to reduce basement backups and sewer overflows, MSD Project Clear is constructing a project to replace undersized sewers in the Cities of Kirkwood and Sunset Hills, and improve the Windsor Springs pump station.

Virtual Public Meeting - October 20, 2021

Project Map

Why is this project being constructed?

A number of residents have experienced building back-ups, partly due to overcharged sewers that cannot handle the increased amount of flow experienced during rainfall.

In addition, during heavy rain events, the pump station at Windsor Springs also becomes overcharged. The pump station forces water through our system where gravity cannot.

What is the goal of this project?

MSD Project Clear is investing approximately $5 million to construct this project to increase the size and depth of the existing sewer and improve the Windsor Springs pump station.  This will reduce basement backups and sewer overflows into local creeks and streams.

Project Facts

  • Construction is estimated to begin Fall 2021.
  • MSD Project Clear will replace approximately 6,600 feet of wastewater sewer.
  • The pipe size will increase to between 10 to 12-inches in diameter allowing a larger amount of wastewater to flow through the system.
  • The Windsor Springs pump station will be improved and the generator will be replaced.
  • Removal of inflow sources from private properties.

What can residents expect?

Type of Construction:

With any type of construction, residents can expect to see and hear heavy equipment during the sewer excavation process. The majority of this project will be constructed by a method known as “tunneling” underneath Geyer Rd. This means that at multiple locations a tunnel boring machine will be set up to dig through the soil and rock and push the new pipe into place. Tunneling is being used in this area to reduce traffic disruptions.

Traffic Impact: 

As a part of this project, MSD Project Clear does expect traffic impacts to roads in this area. Construction near and on Big Bend Boulevard and Geyer Road will require temporary lane closures. Residents may experience temporary property access restrictions due to construction equipment and materials. The contractor will notify affected properties before any major access restrictions occur.


After all new sewer pipes are installed, the contractor will restore the construction site according to all District and local requirements. This could include sodding any disturbed areas, replacing disturbed pavement, reinstalling fences, etc.

What is the timeline?

This is the current tentative project schedule. This is subject to change based on a variety of factors including weather.

  • Project design completion: August 2020
  • Easement acquisition completion: January 2021
  • Estimated construction start: Fall 2021
  • Estimated project duration: Two years, Fall 2023


Q1: Will there be any disruption to sewer service or any other utilities?

A1: No, the Contractor will maintain utility service at all times.

Q2: What will the neighborhood look like when construction is finished?

A2: In accordance with MSD policy, the Contractor will restore all disturbed surfaces to previous or better conditions.

Q3: Will residents lose access to their homes or businesses during construction?

A3: The Contractor will be committed to minimizing any instances of access issues to residential or commercial property. It is not expected that property owners will have access issues during construction of this project. 

Previous Public Engagement - September 2020 Virtual Public Meeting

The above video is a recording from the virtual public meeting held during the Design phase of the project. Details discussed may have slightly changed since the video was recorded.

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