Hallstead Storm Channel Improvements Phase IV (10067)

MSD Project Clear is designing a project to reduce creek bank erosion and to improve water flow by stabilizing approximately 1400 feet of a natural creek in North St. Louis County.

About the Project

Public Meeting - February 23, 2023

Project Map

What is the goal of this project?

MSD Project Clear is investing $6,500,000 to design and construct this project to prevent creek bank erosion by installing concrete lining and rock stabilization.

The creek in this area is experiencing erosion. This project will stabilize the creek bank to improve water flow and protect some of the nearby private properties from creek erosion.

What work is being done?

  • MSD Project Clear will stabilize approximately 1300 feet of natural creek bank using concrete lining.
  • MSD Project Clear will stabilize approximately 95 feet of natural creek bank using rock lining.
  • MSD Project Clear will repair and intercept overbank erosion and extend the existing storm sewers through the new channel walls with storm inlets.

How will it be built?

MSD’s contractor will excavate and grade the area around the creek, install concrete and rock lining, and restore any disrupted surfaces.

What can residents expect?

With any type of construction, residents can expect to see and hear heavy equipment during the sewer excavation process.

Because some construction takes place in the roadway, customers may experience lane restrictions or temporary road closures during working hours. One lane closure may be required near the Vorhoff and Hudson Drive bridges during the removal and replacement of the guardrails. Drivers may also experience temporary minor traffic disruptions due to construction equipment.

Residents and/or property owners along the construction path should move small portable items outside of the easements and inform MSD of dog fences, sprinklers, and other underground assets.

After construction is complete, the contractor will restore the construction site according to all local and District requirements. This could include sodding any disturbed areas, replacing disturbed pavement, reinstalling fences, etc.

At least one MSD Inspector will be on-site part of the day for every day the contractor is working.

What is the timeline?

  • Project design completion: Spring 2023
  • Easement acquisition completion: Summer 2024
  • Construction start: Fall 2024
  • Estimated construction duration: 12-18 months


MSD does not anticipate sewer service or other utility services being disrupted during this project. We will work with Missouri One Call to locate utilities before beginning construction. Occasionally, the contractor may run into utilities that were not located by Missouri One Call which could result in temporary utility disruptions. If this happens, MSD will work with the utility to restore service as quickly as possible.

As most of the work will be within backyards and private property, MSD does not anticipate any access restrictions to driveways.

Trees will be removed to construct parts of this project. If there are good options to avoid removing trees, MSD will make every attempt to do that. Property owners with trees that will need to be removed that are not located in already existing easements will have been compensated for the removal through the easement acquisition process.