Market Street Improvements

Project Overview

MSD Project Clear is enhancing the entryways at its Market Street office. While at its core, the Market Street Improvement project addresses some necessary accessibility updates, through the addition rainscaping, native plants, and green infrastructure, MSD Project Clear is creating a space for employees and visitors alike that manages rainwater where it falls, welcomes the community to learn about green infrastructure, and directly contributes to our clean water goals.


  • Green infrastructure including pervious pavement, rain gardens, native plantings, and a green roof.
  • ADA access and parking added at the front entrance of the building.
  • Improved pedestrian access to the building from Market Street as well as improved pedestrian access around the campus.
  • New employee seating near the rear entrance of the building.
  • Improved employee seating near the front entrance of the building.
  • New bike racks near the front entrance.
  • A pavilion for general seating and educating groups. Staff will also be able to reserve the pavilion for meetings, potluck lunches, and other uses.

Anticipated Timeline

  • Construction Start: Week of August 9, 2021
  • Anticipated Construction Completion: September 2022


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Construction Phases and What to Expect

Construction is broken into two phases, with Phase 1 focusing on improvements to the front entrance and Phase 2 focusing on improvements to the rear entrance. Additional details on each phase can be found below.

Through the duration of construction, employees and visitors can expect changes in parking configuration, parking lot access, and building access. At least one entrance to the parking lot and one entrance to the building will remain open at all times.

The contractor will have a trailer in the southwest corner of the rear parking lot for the duration of the project.

Phase 1A Time-lapse (August 2021 - January 2022)

Additional information on Phase 2 will be published closer to the start date.

Location: Work will primarily take place at the rear entrance with final landscaping across the entire campus.

Scope of work:

  • Construction of sidewalk, access improvements, and amenities at the rear entrance
  • Construction of bioretention in the northwest corner of the lot
  • Final landscaping across the entire campus


  • The rear entrance will be closed to employees and visitors from March 1, 2022 through the end of construction.
  • The front entrance will remain open during this phase.


  • Visitor, Director, and employee parking in the front of the building will remain closed through early March, 2022 with temporary visitor and Director parking in the rear parking lot.
  • In March 2022, all parking near the front entrance will reopen, and temporary visitor and Director parking in the rear parking lot will reopen to general employee parking.

Location: Front entrance

Scope of Work:

  • Completion of parking lot improvements
  • Construction of new amenities including the pavilion, footbridges, and lighting

Phase 1A included “major” construction activities such as demolition of existing sidewalks, demolition of the front entrance stairs, and construction of the ADA ramp. This will likely have been the most disruptive portion of the project with significant construction noise, dust, and other disruptions.

Location: Front entrance

Scope of Work:

  • Demolished the existing entryway and parking area near the front entrance
  • Constructed new storm sewers
  • Constructed two basins
  • Built new ADA compliant ramp
  • Constructed a retaining wall and additional foundational work

Previous Improvements

The current improvements represent the second phase of green infrastructure improvements at the Market Street Office. Phase 1, which was completed in Fall of 2019, included upgrading the sidewalks with pervious pavers, planting new trees, and replacing compacted soil with structural soil. Find out more by watching the video below.

Stay Informed

Jeff Brigman, Project Manager