Maline Creek Tunnel Virtual Tour Experience

Maline Creek Tunnel

The Maline Creek Storage Tunnel sits 200-feet below Riverview Blvd in the City of St. Louis.  It’s the first tunnel of its kind built under MSD Project Clear, and is part of an intricate network of pipes, weirs, shafts and pump stations that are helping eliminate basement backups, reduce wastewater overflows, and protect natural waterways from pollutants.  At 200-feet underground, with no light or source of fresh air, and extremely limited access, it is not something many people will ever get the chance to see.  Thanks to new technology and a commitment to education, MSD Project Clear is proud to provide everyone with the opportunity to explore and learn about the Maline Creek Tunnel virtually.

This virtual experience is compatible with almost any connected device, including PCs, Macs, tablets, phones and VR goggles.  Just click or tap to move forward, or click and drag with your mouse or swipe with your finger to enjoy a 360-degree view. Tap on the orange dots for information and videos about how the tunnel was built and how it works, or tap on the green dots to enter the next section of the tunnel.  The interactive icons in the lower left-hand corner can be used to change your view or jump to another section of the tunnel.

Now watch the video below, click the launch button at the end, and explore!

Virtual Tour

Click here to launch tour if you’re having problems with the video above.