The Clean Water Pledge

Clean Water Pledge

I UNDERSTAND fats, oils, and grease (FOG) can clog home plumbing, laterals, and public sewers, leading to expensive basement back-ups and wastewater overflows into the environment;

THEREFORE, I will put all fats, oils, and grease in the trash, and not down the drain.

I UNDERSTAND household chemicals (like motor oil, herbicides, pesticides, paint and solvents) can create toxic conditions in natural waterbodies if improperly used or disposed of;

THEREFORE, I will dispose of all household chemicals at designated hazardous waste facilities.

I UNDERSTAND litter (like plastic bottles, plastic bags, aluminum cans, Styrofoam cups, and cigarette butts) can clog storm drains, causing flooding;

THEREFORE, I will make sure my trash is recycled or thrown away, and make reasonable efforts to pick-up trash I encounter.

I UNDERSTAND pet waste introduces elevated and sometimes dangerous levels of coliform bacteria (E-Coli) into natural waterbodies, making them unhealthy for humans to enjoy and wildlife to live in;

THEREFORE, I will always pick-up after my pets in a timely fashion.

I UNDERSTAND excessive amounts of sodium or calcium chloride (salt) and other chemical de-icers are carried into natural waterbodies with snow melt, making it difficult for aquatic life to survive in its natural habitat;

THEREFORE, I will use as little salt and chemical de-icers as necessary to achieve safe conditions.