Information Technology

Mastering the technology that keeps MSD working

MSD Information Technology

IT drives the technology and business processes that empower MSD to provide the highest quality service in the most cost-effective manner.

The 51 employees of Information Technology play a crucial role for MSD’s internal and external audiences. Although our work is performed mostly behind the scenes, the services we provide touch every department in the organization as well as our customers, business partners, and the greater St. Louis area community.

Our team is organized into three divisions: Administration, Business Technology, and Technical Services. Together, we are responsible for a number of critical functions, including support of information technology, support of enterprise system solutions, lead process improvements, and cybersecurity. By supporting the District’s business systems and processes, we help drive better and more efficient communications and services for MSD staff and our customers.

At MSD, we take cybersecurity very seriously. As technology grows ever more complex, the IT team is proud to provide a high level of protection for District and personnel data.