Sewer Backup Prevention Program

Sewer Backup Prevention Program

For those with a history of building backups as a result of MSD issues, MSD offers a special Sewer Separation Program. Through this program, MSD pays for modifications to a property’s  plumbing to protect against future backups, and provides ongoing maintenance and repair of installed devices.

These modifications might include:

Backflow device / check valve — If a backflow device is installed in your yard to prevent sewage from backing up in your private line, MSD or a private contractor will clean and inspect it periodically to ensure it remains in proper working order.

Grinder Pump — If a grinder pump is installed, MSD or a private contractor will conduct an annual inspection and maintenance check to ensure it remains in proper working order.

Emergency repair services — MSD will provide emergency repair services for customers with a backflow device or grinder pump we have installed. These customers are asked to contact MSD’s Customer Care Center for emergency service at (314) 768-6260, and a service crew will be dispatched to resolve the issue. Customers may be responsible for a $100 deductible when a crew is dispatched to the property outside of ordinary maintenance inspections. The charge will be added to the customer’s next bill. MSD covers all other costs for repairs we make.

Note: MSD will not pay for repairs that are the result of modifications or discharges of unacceptable waste materials made by the homeowner that affect a device’s operation. MSD does not reimburse for services provided by private plumbers or those not initiated by MSD’s Customer Care Center.

For more information, call: (314) 768-6260