Financial Assistance for Building Backups

Financial Assistance for Building Backups

A wastewater or combined sewer can back up in your building for many reasons. The financial assistance available to you depends on the cause of the backup:

MSD Issues

  • Overcharged Sewer Line – If excessive rain falls in a short timeframe, it can fill the wastewater or combined sewer line so much that it can’t hold anymore water. If sewer lines discharge into your building as a result, MSD will reimburse up to $3,000 — with a $100 deductible — to cover damage that occurs. Because damages may exceed this amount, MSD recommends homeowners obtain additional coverage through their insurance company.
  • Blocked Sewer Line – If a wastewater or combined sewer line collapses or is blocked by tree roots, or other debris that has washed into the sewer, it can cause a building backup. If this is the cause, MSD will reimburse the homeowner for the adjusted losses.

Non MSD Issues

  • Lateral Line Problems – The most common cause is a blockage in your private lateral line — the sewer line that runs from your home or building to the main sewer line. These sewers can be damaged by items flushed down a toilet or drain, tree roots, grease, and other blockages. The homeowner is responsible for the maintenance and repair of this line. Call a certified plumber regarding lateral line issues.
  • Overland FloodingStormwater can enter your home through doors, windows, and/or cracks in the foundation following a heavy rain – this is not considered a building backup. Damages caused by overland flooding are the responsibility of the homeowner.

To be eligible for coverage, contact MSD within 30 days of the backup. Review our Building Cleanup Guide for instructions on how to document your losses.