Overland Flooding & Floodplain

Overland Flooding and Floodplain Risk Management

The St. Louis region is rich in water resources, with three large rivers bordering MSD’s service area. Within our service area is a host of smaller creeks, streams, and other waterways. Any of these waterways can quickly fill with rain water, jump their banks, and cause flooding in the surrounding areas. Even small neighborhood creeks, with little history of flooding, can threaten area homes and businesses during heavy rains. This is called overland flooding, and it can occur anywhere.

Overland flooding can also occur in areas where there are no nearby waterways. That’s because rain water is channeled via a natural floodway to distant waterways or nearby stormwater systems.

MSD doesn’t manage overland flooding, nor do we cover overland flooding under any of our insurance programs. We encourage all customers to protect themselves and look into whether or not they should obtain flood insurance through their homeowners, renters or other insurance policy. More information about flood insurance can be obtained from an insurance company or agent.

Additionally, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), a federal program, was created by Congress in 1968 to provide a way for property owners to financially protect themselves from overland flooding. The NFIP is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), which works closely with nearly 90 private insurance companies to offer flood insurance to property owners and renters. Rates are set and do not differ from company to company or agent to agent. These rates depend on many factors, which include the date and type of construction of your home, along with your building’s level of risk.

More information on the National Flood Insurance Program is available at www.floodsmart.gov or by calling (888) 379-9531 or (888) 435-6637. Also visit knowyourzone.org for more information.

To view St. Louis County flood zones overlaid on aerial maps and property boundaries, please visit maps.stlouisco.com/propertyview/

To view FEMA flood insurance maps, please visit www.msc.fema.gov