MSD collects a deposit to ensure proper BMP construction. The amount of the deposit is 50 percent of the BMP’s estimated construction cost. (If the deposit is the form of a letter of credit, the minimum amount of the letter of credit shall be $30,000.) The deposit must be paid before the BMP permit is pulled. Deposit collection and release are further described in the deposit agreement, which must be executed by the project owner prior to issuing the BMP permit.

The District will issue a BMP Construction Completion Letter when MSD inspectors determine that the BMP was constructed satisfactorily and the feature’s as-built survey indicates construction complies with plans. 75 percent of the deposit is released upon issuance of the BMP Construction Completion Letter. The remaining balance of the deposit is released with final project dedication or upon determination by the District inspector that the final vegetative cover in the BMP drainage area is established.

Detention basins are not considered BMPs for permitting or inspection purposes. Detention basins are escrowed, permitted, and inspected with sanitary and storm sewer work.

Additional information on deposits is available in Chapters 8 and 9 of MSD’s Rules and Regulations.